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“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” wrote Sir Isaac Newton. As the world becomes more and more obsessed with digital technology and, accordingly, music becomes more and more electronic and refined, the antithesis is, and must be, music that is far less refined; music that is unabashedly nostalgic, sentimental, and pure in accordance with the standards of old. This is not to say that Lily & Madeleine are intentionally rejecting the trajectory of modern music. Their popularity, however, suggests that there is a growing undercurrent of listeners longing for barely remembered traditions to be reborn in a modern context. In this way, Lily & Madeleine are the granddaughters of our imagined music of yesteryear, in both sight and sound. read more
This January we kicked off a new year of sessions with Chicago's up-and-coming Bonzie. Bonzie is the talented Nina Ferraro. Ferraro's lyrics and control exhibit a musical talent that is well beyond her years. Nina's often dark and lilting melodies transform and blend into a mysterious yet comforting and familiar sound. Her stripped down set up is rounded out by her wonderfully sweet voice. read more
Motel Beds are a veteran rock and roll band from Dayton, Ohio that bashes out whiskey-slamming nuggets of guitar-driven fury while always keeping sharp ears for a memorable hook. It’s a formula that has won generations of rebellious hearts since the glory days of the British Invasion, and Motel Beds grit it up in a no-frills package that does its hometown justice with a guts-and-sweat spirit rather than giving in to trends. read more
Jonny Fritz stopped by the Do317 Lounge for a Pabst Blue Ribbon session. Check out this gem he threw down for us. read more
In Record Store Day’s inaugural year back in 2007, it’s safe to say hardly anyone predicted its future trajectory towards becoming an official holiday for devotees of song. What started as a modest nod to the locally run brick-and-mortars standing up against seemingly impossible odds is now audiophiles’ annual Christmas in April, with every other high-profile act and major label sidling up alongside perennial indie darlings with exclusive releases, colored vinyls, never-before-released live performances and box sets, and preciously limited prints. read more
There’s much to be admired in any act of longevity. When longevity comes in the humble pursuit of happiness in a volatile industry known to lift up one buzzed-about, celebrated act after another - before deriding it and calling it a sellout as it’s chewed up and spit out - to achieve longevity is absolute cause for celebration. Such volatility is the unforgiving nature of the music industry over the course of any given month, let alone each of the dozen months in a given year for a span of more than sixteen years. read more
This is Blitzen Trapper. Why have they chosen to spare the other reindeer? I dont know. They never really seem to address their beef with Blitzen. Alas, some questions are probably better left unanswered. What I can tell you is that theyre an acclaimed indie folk/country band from Portland, Oregon and that we at LaundroMatinee are thrilled to be featuring them again. You can catch their 2009 session with us here. I can also tell you that if they finally do trap Blitzen and Santa cant make his annual sleigh ride, theyre going to have to confront an entire generation of disappointed children. A little Blitzen Trapper might cheer them up, though. They are quite good, after all. read more
In 2008, Joe Pug stopped by for a quick set outside a heavily shingled house. His hair was long; his clothes were plain and worn. He was living in Chicago, writing and performing as an unsigned musician, though he had just released his Nation of Heat EP. Some might say this was the beginning, but for a writer, the beginning is really when you start forming memories. His songs were good, and he performed them well. You can watch the session here. read more
Watching Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros play their communal songs of love, joy and genuine heart at this particular moment in time, its impossible to fully extricate my mind from the mood of our country in the wake what befell our nation so heartlessly little more than a week ago. The devastation of that massacre casted a black cloud over the minds of the entirety of our land as parents, as daughters, sons, teachers, students, friends, neighbors, and sympathetic strangers. An atrocity such as the one that occurred on December 14, 2012 is a tragedy so horrendous many of us could hardly have feared such hell beforehand. Like every senseless tragedy, it was previously an unfathomable nightmare, and now its a reality. read more
Theres no arguing against Broken Arrow, Oklahoma native JD McPherson having been cut from a cloth. Fortunately for us, that cloth is the sort of sweat-soaked, whiskey-stained garment that has lined the pockets of worn denim and wiped thick brows toiling in the midday sun, on factory lines, and behind roadhouse bars for generations. Its an inherently American fabric composed of the touchstones of rock and roll as we know it with stalwart fibers of timeless power. read more
Seven years ago, The Lumineers began as folk-rock duo in Ramsey, NJ with Wesley Schultz on acoustic guitar and lead vocals and Jeremiah Fraites providing the rhythm and backing vocals. Fast-forward through a westward move, a Craigslist phone call for a cellist (filled by Neyla Pekarek), and a whole lot of singing and stomping, and you get an indie label-singed, Denver-based trio working their way up the Billboard charts, playing some of the catchiest, most energetic folk-rock around. 2012 has been a particularly good year for The Lumineers, seeing their first LP, self-titled, released by Dualtone Records, and healthy run of sold-out shows across the United States. read more

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