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Fresh Session : Bodies Of Water

We are very fortunate, here in Indianapolis, to have one of the country's best indie record labels right in our own backyard.  Secretly Canadian continues to seek out and sign amazing talent.  Once they do, the bands often make a point to travel through Indianapolis and/or Bloomington so they can meet up with their new friends at the label and a scene that is very supportive of what the label promotes.  We have actually been behind Bodies of Water long before their signing to SC, so when they did sign, we couldn't have been happier.  Part one of this happy feeling was because a great band was signing to a great label we love and support, and part two was because we knew the band would finally be heading in our direction for a live show one day!

That day came in August of this year when we booked two of our favorite bands at Locals Only.  We not only got to see Bodies of Water live and up-close in this intimate setting, but we also were fortunate to round out a bill that starred Port O'Brien as well! (Stay tuned for that session.)

David & Meredith Metcalf, a married couple and the band's primary architects, started recording songs in their bedroom closet not long after their nuptials were confirmed many years ago.  Soon the desire to share the songs with the world led to the formation of the band, which has at times swelled to as many as eleven members on stage at once.  Essentially the band makes California-styled pop music, but there seems to be a mystic power at work in all of  their recordings - a rawkous expansion of the mind, body and soul.  Huge choruses blend with psych-pop and art-rock oddity and theatrics.   There is that spiritual sense of communion and celebration, even if the lyrics don't always reflect the joy you feel inside while listening to the recordings.

Bodies of Water released their second full-length album, A Certain Feeling, through Secretly Canadian this year - right on the heels of last year's Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink, a re-release of the band's debut.  So prolific is the band, they actually played a load of new, as yet unrecorded material at their live Indianapolis show.

 MP3 Session Downloads:

Bodies Of Water - Water Here
Bodies Of Water - Only You
Bodies Of Water - If I Were A Bell

Bonus Album Downloads:

Bodies Of Water - I Guess I'll Forget The Sound, I Guess, I Guess 
Bodies Of Water - Gold, Tan, Peach and Grey
Bodies Of Water - Water Here
Bodies Of Water - Under The Pines

Filmed at VIBES II in Broad Ripple
Recorded & mixed by Perry Stevens of Snapjoint Recording Studio
Mastered by Jeff DuPont
Shot & Edited by Tim Wilsbach

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Bodies Of Water
Water Here
Only You
If I Were A Bell
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