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Audio Session : Justin Townes Earle
Session One

Justin Townes Earle recently played a sold-out show at Radio Radio as part of an Indianapolis Songwriter Cafe/My Old Kentucky Blog super-dooper songwriter showcase event. The bill also featured Joe Pug, Mandy Marie and Cliff Snyder.  It was a fantastic night.

Earlier in the day, we had Justin come by one of the studios we use to record his second session with us.  Outside under a big oak tree, he rattled off two orignals (one new one from his upcoming album) and a cover.  Not one to mess around, the whole thing took about ten minutes.

We spent the next 30 or so having a few drinks and talking.  Justin and his crew then loaded up to head to the venue.  Upon completion Jeff, Perry and I said our farewells and walked back to tear down our equipment.  No sooner had we turned the corner, we heard a loud crash.  I immediately felt that roller coaster stomach lurch.  I turned fearing their van had been t-boned by an oncoming car only to see the van's front tire actually hung on a fire hydrant!

This presented the immediate concern of the fire hydrant busting open and spraying water everywhere.  I have never seen that happen and honestly, in the recesses of my brain was kinda hoping it would.  Not really, but kinda, sorta.  We crept forward towards it, seeing that it was leaking water at a slow but steady pace.  The van's front tire was flat, the wheel cover popped off laying nearby, and the tire firmly hung up on the hydrant.  I informed Justin, who was a little inflamed by his careless mistake already.  Almost unconcerned, he threw the van into reverse again and simply popped the tire loose from the hydrant.  The slow trickle of water continued but luckily the plug held.

We spent the next 40 minutes struggling with lugnuts that were smaller than the tire iron, picking up and putting down big van tires, etc.  In the end we got it changed and got the boys on the road to the show.

Our first session with Justin was nowhere near as eventful.  At our original Pendleton Heights High School / 91.7 WEEM location, Justin came in and pounded out three songs in equally expediant fashion.  Enjoy them and keep your eyes and ears peeled for our upcoming second session with Justin Townes Earle.


Justin Townes Earle - Hard Livin'
Justin Townes Earle - Lone Pine Hill
Justin Townes Earle - I Don't Care

Bonus : JTE's new video for The Good Life




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