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Video Session : Backyard Tire Fire

The first time the country gentlemen of Backyard Tire Fire came to visit our studios, I can't say I was a regular listener.  I was familiar and enjoyed what I had heard, but not really fan.  I can honestly say since that first session, I've been a convert.  

I know I was most attracted by the fact that BTF had a firm grasp on, were proud of and sing about how they really live.  In their song Food For Thought, lead singer Ed Anderson relays the simple message of how possessions are ultimately meaningless, and at the end of one's life all you're really left with is what you've accomplished.  So simple and so true.  BTF's songs are basically a workingman's handbook of life's true lessons.  Family and friends above all else.  Loyalty, hard work, understanding, love and a little down-home fun are all that's really needed to live a good life. 

They seem to actually know who they are - a band that frowns upon the frills.    They'll call each other on the bullshit, and this tough, but brotherly, love of each other and the music keeps them on the right path.

In their latest release, The Places We Lived, the band has shifted gears to a slightly more polished and accessible pop sound that is sure to attract even more regular listeners to their already loyal fanbase, but the diehards need not worry, they're still the kind of songs that will wear out the  jukebox at the local dive bar.

Tom Petty remains an obvious touchstone, and like Petty, rock, country, blues and even a little folk blend to create BTF's Pop/Americana sound.  Thankfully though, Backyard Tire Fire maintains their tattered edges.  Loyal as your favorite pair of blue jeans, and I'm not talking about that designer bullshit your girlfriend bought you.  The songs still come with enough grit and honesty to know they're real.  Real life, real emotion and real good.  


MP3 Session Downloads: 

Backyard Tire Fire -  The Places We Lived
Backyard Tire Fire -  Time With You
Backyard Tire Fire -  Shoulda Shut It
Backyard Tire Fire -  Food For Thought


Mixed & Mastered by Jeff DuPont
Shot and Edited by Tim Wilsbach

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Backyard Tire Fire
The Places We Lived
Time With You
Shoulda Shut It
Food For Thought
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