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Video Session : Bell

Olga Bell was born in Moscow, Russia and moved to Alaska at age seven.  She trained in classical piano for the next ten years, before graduating from the New England Conservatory in Boston at age 21.  Upon completion, she moved to New York and discovered the thrill of improvisation and experimentation combining her classical sounds with modern laptop electronics, a little hip-hop and incredibly catchy, shimmery pop.   

Bell, her full-band project, a trio, has numerous free tracks floating around the internet these days, but you can, and should purchase her Magic Tape 7" from twosyllable records. Expect a debut full-length to be released during the first half of 2010.    During this session, the band debuted a new track, Eat Seeds, that we might expect to see on that debut.

This October 21st at the Sycamore, in Brooklyn, you can catch each band member performing solo sets and then combining to end the night with a full-band set.

MP3 Session Downloads :

Bell - Magic Tape
Bell - New Bridge
Bell - Eat Seeds (new/unreleased)

Recorded and Mixed by Jeff DuPont
Filmed and Edited by Doug Fellegy

October 24, 2009
5:23 am
I cried, and just after I bought the album ... Thanks
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Magic Tape
New Bridge
Eat Seeds
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