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Video Session : Freddie Gibbs

Gary, Indiana-born rapper Freddie Gibbs has exploded onto the hip-hop scene in recent years, and has proven to be the "Great Hip-Hop Hope" for the state.  Gibbs has been rapping since 2005, when, while dealing drugs at local recording studio, he decided he was every bit as talented as any of the rappers he was seeing come through the studio doors.  After a failed marriage with Interscope Records, Gibbs released two new mixtapes by the end of 2009, and drew massive praise as the return of old-school gangsta rap.

Now bassed in Los Angeles, Gibbs raps about what he has known in his short life.  He claims nothing he spits is fake.  His life is an open book he shares through his music - the life of a hustler from proverty-stricken streets, dealing drugs, smoking weed and pimping to make ends meet.

Gibbs' latest offering Str8 Killa has transcended audience boundries, finding love from the hip-hop and rap communities as well as the indie rock crowd, as proven by his invite to perform at the 2010 Pitchfork Music Festival.

MP3 Session Downloads:

Freddie Gibbs - Learn To Duck
Freddie Gibbs - The Coldest

Filmed by Daniel Arthur
Edited by Doug Fellegy
Recorded and Mixed by Corey Barnes at Lovebird Recording
Words by Dodge
Special thanks to our friends at Knuckle Rumbler



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Freddie Gibbs
Learn To Duck
The Coldest
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