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Video Session : The Love Language

Chapel Hill, North Carolina startup The Love Language make music so unabashedly drenched in teenage romance that throwing the term 'emo' at them might actually stick—that's even how the band describes itself on its MySpace page, which, of course, features a backdrop of two young lovers kissing. But such a tag would be misleading; whiny sad-puppy fake-punk this is not. Let's try this instead—The Love Language play the music they're named after. Gorgeous, longing and playful songs that speak to the universal emotion that drives us all. Say it with me now—love.

The sound is a mix between scrappy, lo-fi garage rock and harmonious, joyful 1960's girlpop, all smushed together in this beautifully messy package, tied with a ribbon of Stuart McLamb's simple, emotive vocals. Untie it and look inside. Promise, you'll fall in love.

MP3 Session Downloads : 

The Love Language - Sparxxx
The Lover Language - Providence

Recorded and Mixed by Jeff DuPont
Filmed and Edited by Doug Fellegy, Joe Wallace, and Michelle Castillo
Words by Justin Jacobs
Special thanks to Esurance and Monolith Music Festival

October 29, 2014
11:55 pm
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The Love Language
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