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Video Session : Vivian Girls
These girls just have no fun...

The rapid ascension of Brooklyn's Vivian Girls was an interesting thing to witness in 2008.  In that short time they quickly earned the respect of critics and their peers, but have had an up-and-down relationship with some fans.  They've already played shows with a long list of all-stars and up-and-comers : Yo La Tengo, Deerhunter, Times New Viking, King Khan, Love Is All and Jay Reatard - just to name a few.  Early on, of course, fans responded well. The Girls self-released their vinyl-only debut in a limited 500 press quantity and sold out before they finished their first three-week U.S. tour.  In The Red Records picked up their debut and re-released it this past October for all to enjoy.

Later in the year however, the girls caught all sorts of blog world hell for dissing "normal people", non-members of the indie/punk community, anyone who has a desk job, hangs out with their co-workers, goes to Applebees, likes Bloomin' Onions or goes to TGI Fridays.  Anyway, not their best moment so they issued an apology.

Hopefully we've all moved on, and they've learned their lesson.  Their sound combines reverb-laden girl-group harmonies and melodies with fuzzy guitars and creates their own brand of shoegaze surf/noise pop-rock.

In a recent interview with My Old Kentucky Blog, Cassie Ramone said the band plans to tour all over the U.S., Europe and hopefully Japan and Austrailia in 2009.  They also plan to release their follow-up LP!

The ladies were not only incredibly photogenic, but were also kind enough to play two unreleased tracks for us! 


(photo cred : MOKB photographer : Austin W.)



Vivian Girls - Surfing Away  (unreleased)
Vivian Girls - I Have No Fun  (unreleased)
Vivian Girls - Tell The World
Vivian Girls - Wild Eyes


Vivian Girls - Where Do You Run
Vivian Girls - Blind Spot (Daisy Chain cover)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeff DuPont
Shot and edited by Tim Wilsbach

October 24, 2014
7:33 am
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November 13, 2014
7:50 am
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June 11, 2015
3:52 am
ESPN to number one on cable ratings chart with a bullet Many of the sport commentators only have a career, because professional sport gambling, or betting online seems to be attracting a lot of attention these days. The average fan probably doesn't care about changes in line up, as much, as a broader audience of people who regularly make bets based on odds, and factors pertaining to the team, and stuff. People get hooked on that, so sport Air Max 90 franchises have a pretty big audience outside of the fans who watch out of entertainment. Also, it's no surprise to Nike Air Nike Air Max 2011 Leather Mens Max 90 EM Womens see ESPN's ranking rise, as various channels outside of sport broadcasting have content deals with Nike Air Max 2015 Womens SVOD services, so with audience shift to online, and non existance of sport programming with the exception of stand alone apps, ESPN has been able to take up a higher percentage of all viewership Nike Air Max 2010 Mens share. It's certainly great news for Walt Disney, because it has a pretty powerful TV franchise, paired Nike Air Max 2012 Heels Womens with a parks and recreation segment, that makes up the bulk of its revenue. I did some coverage on this company two years ago or so, and it still has the solid moat I identified way back in early 2013.
devid miller
June 27, 2015
1:34 am
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devid miller
June 27, 2015
4:37 am
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tong zhouren
July 1, 2015
1:57 am




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早漏 手術

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devid miller
July 2, 2015
5:55 am
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pleouyu pleouyu
July 6, 2015
3:41 am
to participate in the parade
Artists Caotun praying Lantern lighting trample activities sandals pier local cultural and educational associations on the 12th evening at the National Technology Research and Development Center in Taiwan, organized by Artists Caotun Lantern Parade pray lighting and urban activities, the county Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Secretary-General Chen liter 刘贵珍 also the scene setters Cute rabbit ears headband together modeling lights, and on-site teams in each lantern lively samba drum band, led by lively trample join activities to attract people's attention and applause along the way. The Secretary-General Chen county pretty sure the significance of this activity, he said Taiwan Lantern Festival is an important folk activities, sandals pier local cultural and educational co-capable preserved this traditional cultural industries and activities into the Nike Shox Parade, very carefully, but also Invite the town, community together to participate and unite the community of people feeling even more meaningful. The Secretary-General Chen pointed out that the county is seeking the 2012 Taiwan Lantern Festival, then if we can combine this item Nike Air Presto trample activities must be more worth seeing. Mostly Association, said Chen, the association began to organize after the 921 earthquake Lantern Festival celebrations, from the original to today's creative lantern Torch Parade, is to unite feelings of community of the people, can feel the excitement of the Lantern Festival atmosphere, and can be creative to preserve traditional culture down, in order to stimulate local development, we welcome them to attend. Parade before the event, have a warm spot lights Nike Air Max lighting ceremony according to legend, by the distinguished guests lit candles and then to the team before each parade of lanterns lit each person, a symbol of passing the torch. In addition to the Air Jordan 3 Retro Secretary-General Chen, the county Cultural Affairs Bureau Liu Guizhen, county, Mr Liao Zi Yu, Hong Guohao Caotun mayor and Taiwan Historica curator 林金田 other dignitaries, also attend fun. This year, each town from Caotun nurseries, community groups and other 20 teams to participate, walking in the front ranks are dressed in colorful costumes passion samba dancer, quite suction eye. And in the small Pacific nation of samba rhythm drum band led the team continued to push forward in accordance with homemade rabbit-type lantern street Parade show, some teams put on cute Air Jordan 5 Retro bunny dress, Nike Heels Boots but also the grandparents take the local route, Large lantern lanterns pushing Nike Basketball traditional thatched cottages, as well as taekwondo rabbit, rabbit and other kinds of road force rabbit shape to join the ranks Parade, part of the team even more occasional rabbit painted on the face makeup, Air Jordan 4 Retro wearing bunny ears, creative let activity quite lively. Parade activities this year included a theme lamp creative competitions, team modeling competitions, national technology research and development center in Taiwan has launched a massive 'road edge rabbit' to participate in the parade activities. Parade at 19:00 activity to start running, Air Jordan 1 attracting large numbers of people along the way look, bypass the city's main street after the team returned to Taiwan Craft Research and Development Nike Shoes Center, will conduct the performances and sweepstakes programs designed to help people advance to spend a pleasant Lantern festival.
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