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Video Session: CHAPPO
Whether they wanted to or not, CHAPPO have embraced most, if not all, the storylines for indie bands over the last five years. Borne of a craigslist roommate search, the Brooklyn-based quartet were self-producing and self-releasing their own EPs until recently signing with Majordomo Records for whom they recently recorded an LP at a remote cabin in Vermont. In the last year, they’ve been everywhere from Bonnaroo to your television screen via Apple and Sears commercials. Not bad for a self-proclaimed “space rock” band.

So what is it that makes CHAPPO unique? Is it the feathers worn on the shoulder and an occasional flute solo? Could it be the sequins on the amps? I suppose those things are all part of it. A better answer, however, would be that CHAPPO are, simply put, a very good band. Frontman Alex Chappo sings like a less tender Neil Young over the incredibly tight musical performances of keyboardist Chris Olson, guitarist Dave Feddock, and drummer Zac Colwell. And their sound certainly isn’t constrained to the characteristics of “space rock,” but also features elements of classic rock, pop, psychedelia, and western. There’s just no replacement for playing original music well. Not even a flock-load of shoulder feathers.

Earlier this year, CHAPPO released Moonwater through Majordomo Records, and they were kind enough to stop by Indianapolis’s Do317 lounge and share with us three songs from it. “Shots Fired” is a fast-paced, dance floor worthy tune, while “M.O.O.N. Water,” the album’s title track rocks steady in an almost classic rock fashion. Different still is “Native Savage,” a tune cleverly molded from Native American traditionals. In just three songs, it seems they managed to give a little something to everybody. Impressive, indeed. And undoubtedly unique.

CHAPPO x LaundroMatinee (Live @ Do317 Lounge)
Filmed and Edited by Doug Fellegy & Kaitrin Higbee
Recorded by Jeff DuPont & Spencer Hooks
Mixed by Jeff DuPont
Written by Gerard Pannekoek

MP3 Downloads
CHAPPO - Shots Fired
CHAPPO - M.O.O.N. Water
CHAPPO - Native Savage

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Shots Fired
M.O.O.N. Water
Native Savage
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