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Video Session: Cheyenne Marie Mize
Part II

Rarely can an artist boast such an impressive list of accomplishments at the gestation of their career. Cheyenne Marie Mize reminds me of the girl from school who everyone liked and always seemed interesting but never flaunted herself enough to make all the boys’ hearts flutter. Only after you leave behind the superficial stimuli that used to make you double-take do you learn to appreciate the subtle brilliance and beauty that’s been right next to you for so long. That comparison is not to dismiss Cheyenne’s alluring visual aesthetics – check out her recent spread in Louisville Magazine – she’s just been too good at flying under the radar, until now.

This is Cheyenne’s third encounter with Laundromatinee. Not surprisingly, her first was as a supporting cast member of the Dear Companion tour with fellow Kentuckians Daniel Martin Moore and Ben Sollee. Fans of Will Oldham knew of Cheyenne’s emerging talent after they collaborated together on the EP Among the Gold and she became a steady member of his touring ensemble.

When it was time to make a name for her own work, Cheyenne brought along Louisville music fixture Kevin Ratterman to Lovebird Recording studio and performed selections from her debut, Before Lately.

Cheyenne covers a lot of sonic ground in her songs, which compels many reviewers to lazily reach for the word “eclectic.” That word does not capture the range of competing textures that she seamlessly assembles in her compositions. In just the two song samples here in our latest session with her, and with just two accompanying musicians, you see a significant glimpse at the vast array of tools and talents Cheyenne has in her repertoire. Stay tuned. Although she’s been around, she’s just getting started.

These two songs come from Cheyenne’s latest EP, We Don’t Need, just released on Yep Roc Records. She’ll be hitting the road the next few weeks, including an MOKB Presents show at the White Rabbit Cabaret in Indianapolis on Friday, February 10.


Recorded, Mixed, and Written by Jeff DuPont
Filmed and Edited by Daniel Arthur


MP3 Downloads
Cheyenne Marie Mize - It Lingers
Cheyenne Marie Mize - Wishing Well

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It Lingers
Wishing Well
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