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Video Session: Rockwell Knuckles

St. Louis MC Rockwell Knuckles dropped into Indianapolis to record this take of “Play Catch” live in the Spa at the French Pharmacie for Laundromatinee. “Play Catch” is an infectious as all hell track of brains and reckoning, making a call for the crowd to follow Rocky’s master plan and get in on the ground floor. He rhymes with a dazzling mix of supreme confidence and heart, taking down MCs claiming to catch bullets in their teeth just as he remembers that “the closest people to me keep my level at a medium/been knowing them so long I do not remember meeting them”. “Play Catch” is a song of genuine triumph that finds Rocky tearing down all clones afraid to roam and lifting him to the top of his game.

Whether you’re still new to Rocky or you’ve burned through You’re Fucking Out, I’m Fucking In all year long, “Play Catch” and "Every Angle" prove you’re going to hear much more him. For a chainsaw-sharp MC who cut his teeth on the STL riverfront scene, made multiple trips to SXSW and garnered heavy mixtape buzz, this track is the reality of Rockwell Knuckles blazing past all limitations. He rhymes over a taut groove and times his jabs with true poise. Most impressively, Rocky shows off a stunningly versatile stacked hand of cunning writing, a fresh delivery and impressive soul. If we have any sense, we’ll be sure to follow his lead.


Recorded and Mixed by Jeff DuPont
Filmed and Edited by Dan Dark
Written by Justin Wesley

MP3 Downloads
Rockwell Knuckles - Play Catch
Rockwell Knuckles - Every Angle

chanda vivek
November 16, 2014
6:31 am
its just awesome
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Play Catch
Every Angle
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