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Video Session: The Grates

My first impression of The Grates was a bittersweet mix of excitement and nostalgia. For me, The Grates sit at the divide between the type of music I want to listen and the type of music I used to listen to. They have an edge that likens them to the punk and alternative rock bands I enjoyed in high school, yet they have a sense of style and creativity that defies the conventions of those genres and places them in the ever-so-vague genre of indie rock, a genre I enjoy today largely because of its vagueness. While listening to these sessions, I couldn’t help but wish I had discovered them while in high school. I think their music would’ve placed my taste ahead of the curve and probably cheered me up a bit too. But I digress…

The Grates hail from Brisbane, Australia. That’s right. If Men at Work were to sing to them, “Do you come from the land down under?” they would have to answer, “Yes.” As to whether or not they hear the thunder, I cannot say. Since forming in 2002, they have released two full length albums as well as numerous EPs and 7-inches. All four songs featured here can be found on their 2008 release Teeth Lost, Hearts Won, an album that displayed the band’s ability to progress as artists as well as have fun with their music. With an album due in the near future, it’ll be interesting to see what comes next. Until then, enjoy these videos and go put another shrimp on the barbie!

MP3 Session Downloads:

The Grates - Carve Your Name
The Grates - Aw Yeah
The Grates - Burn Bridges
The Grates - Two Kinds Of Right

Recorded and mixed by Eric Klee Johnson and Marc Johnson at The Pop Machine
Filmed and edited by Joe Wallace and Doug Fellegy
Words by Gerard Pannekoek

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The Grates
Carve Your Name
Aw Yeah
Burn Bridges
Two Kinds of Right
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