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Returning to his solo career and releasing his latest album, "My Old, Familiar Friend," Brendan Benson showcases his skill for writing catchy pop songs that still have some of the grit from his days as a Raconteur. While at The Pop Machine he played three such songs for us, stripping down his stage plot to just a beautiful acoustic guitar and his scratchy, straightforward vocals. read more comments
Nestled within the walls of the Earth House Collective, in a library lined with bright book spines and creaking hardwood floors, Ra Ra Riot performed a 3-song session, displaying their blend of classic instrumentation with indie rock whimsy. read more comments
These videos show the strength and capacity of front-woman Erika Wennerstrom’s vocals and prove an inherent energy lies within the songs themselves. The band’s rock’n’roll sound flirts with country, blues, and pop, creating a rich, melodic sound that can be played loud or soft. read more comments
Portland, Oregon's The Thermals have carved out a beautiful niche in the punk-pop world over the last 10 years, but it hasn't always been the easiest road to glory. In 2010, The Thermals teamed up with Death Cab For Cutie's Chris Walla to create their fifth studio album, "Personal Life." Both songs in this session are featured on that album, and as says, they are "pretty damn catchy!" read more comments
The Grates hail from Brisbane, Australia. That’s right. If Men at Work were to sing to them, “Do you come from the land down under?” they would have to answer, “Yes.” As to whether or not they hear the thunder, I cannot say. Since forming in 2002, they have released two full length albums as well as numerous EPs and 7-inches. All four songs featured here can be found on their 2008 release "Teeth Lost, Hearts Won," an album that displayed the band’s ability to progress as artists as well as have fun with their music. With an album due in the near future, it’ll be interesting to see what comes next. Until then, enjoy these videos and go put another shrimp on the barbie! read more comments
Portugal. The Man perform live at Vibes Music for read more comments
What you may not have gotten from watching these videos is that front man Van Pierszalowski used to be a fisherman, spending his summers fishing salmon off the coast of Alaska’s Kodiak Island. Listening to songs, this seemingly arbitrary fact makes perfect sense as the songs do have a shanty-like quality about them, and much of Port O’Brien’s earlier work directly addresses Van’s life as a fisherman. The experience comes through much less often in lyrics nowadays, but it still resides firmly in their sound and will most likely continue to influence their future efforts.... read more comments
In the spring of 2010, Indianapolis-based rapper Oreo Jones released his ‘Delicious’ EP, and in all truth, it seems like his presence has been felt ever since. Between his collaborations with acts like Jookabox, Woodhands and We Are Hex, his hilarious and completely singular ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ web series, and his ability to fit into practically any performance line-up with ease, Oreo Jones has spent the last year leaving no stone unturned. read more comments
Justin Townes Earle strolled into LUNA music last September, composed and genial. He greeted fans and browsed the shop before performing these five songs. Although his day in our city soon turned ugly, his performance for was soulful and personal, and his behavior towards the throng of people that came to see his in-store performance was appreciative and engaging. read more comments
Dreamers of the Ghetto perform live at Lovebird Recording for Dreamers of the Ghetto hail from Bloomington, Indiana. Their membership includes Luke Jones on bass and lead vocals, Jonathan Jones on guitar and vocals, Lauren Jones on synthesizer and vocals, and Marty Sprowles on drums. Earlier this year, they released their first record; a self titled, eight-track album. Two of those tracks – “Regulator” and “Tether” – are featured here. read more comments
When I first stumbled upon Cleveland’s Cloud Nothings, I was immediately impressed with the stylish simplicity of their melodic and raw recordings. Laden with pop-punk energy and layers of indie influences, their snappy, short songs still manage to elicit excitement, which is quite the feat in this era of lo-fi, garage-band sound saturation. When I discovered that these songs are the product of Cleveland’s resident kid-brilliant, 19-year old Dylan Baldi, I was even more thrown, and shocked that someone so young was capable of writing such gems…as well as a bit jealous that I wasn’t this cool when I was his age. read more comments
This is the second part of a six-song, solo in-store set Kurt Vile performed at LUNA Music Midtown in Indianapolis late in 2010. Vile was out on tour, in support of his latest Matador Records 7" release In My Time, with his band The Violators as well as San Diego's The Soft Pack and fellow Philadelphians Purling Hiss. Kurt Vile will release his latest full-length, Smoke Ring For My Halo, through Matador Records in March. read more comments
Chicago's Maps & Atlases have been called many things. Every label from folk-rock, art-rock, prog-rock, and math-rock have been labels chucked on the band. They don't really care what you call them. If you're into one of those genres and believe they fit, they'll take it. During their session with, the band gave us three tracks from the album as well as a celebratory take on Bob Marley's Redemption Song. Marley's birthday was this past February 6th. read more comments
This is the first part of a six song solo in-store set Kurt Vile performed at LUNA Music Midtown in Indianapolis late in 2010. Vile was out on tour, in support of his latest Matador Records 7" release "In My Time," with his band The Violators as well as San Diego's The Soft Pack and fellow Philadelphians Purling Hiss. read more comments
Gary, Indiana-born Freddie Gibbs raps about what he has known in his short life. He claims nothing he spits is fake. His life is an open book he shares through his music - the life of a hustler from proverty-stricken streets, dealing drugs, smoking weed and pimping to make ends meet. Gibbs latest offering Str8 Killa has transcended audience boundries, finding love from the hip-hop and rap communities as well as the indie rock crowd, as proven by his invite to perform at the 2010 read more comments
Futurebirds perform live at Lovebird Recording for The band performs "Ski Chalet" from their 2010 release "Hampton's Lullaby," as well as two classic covers. The six man country/folk band hail from Athens, Georgia, a city that cherishes its rich and diverse music history and has produced a good number of notable artists in the last few decades such as R.E.M., Neutral Milk Hotel, and Of Montreal. It’s obvious that their home has had an effect on their sound, but they acknowledge it, embrace it, and use it to write wonderfully mellow music. read more comments
In the five videos featured here, The Young Republic demonstrate their talent for seamlessly weaving together country, folk, blues, rock, and jazz into melodic, almost poppy songs. The songs are fun and seemingly simplistic, but each member of the quintet brings their own distinctive intricacies to the songs, giving them depth and character. In this session they cover a classic Tom Waits cut and give their own tongue-in-cheek take on the classic state song "My Old Kentucky Home." read more comments
Whether Son Volt is rocking out with keyboard solos in “Down to the Wire” or gracefully questioning the idea of freedom with the Tarkio-esque “Dynamite,” Farrar’s voice almost croons out his lyrics, sounding like 21st century Eddie Vedder. The most noticeable characteristic of the songs in general is their expression of nostalgia and loss for something long gone or maybe even something that never existed. They indeed paint a picture of dust and ruins and leave the listener with a feeling of isolation but not of despair. read more comments
Cheyenne Marie Mize cut her teeth in the Louisville music scene as a member of the projects Arnett Hollow and Maiden Radio. She also performed in the supporting cast, and as an opening act, for fellow Kentucky-based musicians Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore on their 2010 Dear Companion tour. Mize was introduced on a larger scale when she partnered with Louisville legend and outsider artist Will Oldham/Bonnie Prince Billy to record and release the 10" LP of 19th century Amercian parlor/folk song collection entitled "Among The Gold." In October of 2010, through sonaBLAST! Records, Mize re-released her debut album "Before Lately," a beautiful collection of intimate, psych-folk songs. read more comments
Perhaps best known for their 2000 release, “Bohemian Like You,” The Dandy Warhols have become a familiar name in the world of rock. Founded in Portland, Oregon in 1993, The Dandy Warhols have gone on to release seven albums, contribute music to television shows like Undeclared and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and were the subject of Dig!, a rock biopic. Their sound combines a hazy irreverence with youthful camp, resulting in some pretty memorable tunes that draw comparisons to The Velvet Underground and Love and Rockets.

During their session at The Pop Machine, Courtney Taylor-Taylor and Brent DeBoer played songs from the Dandy’s newest album, a retrospective entitled, “The Capitol Years: 1995 – 2007.”

On “Get Off,” the two create a driving, catchy rhythm, while “We Used To Be Friends” and “Stars” (a b-side from 2004) illustrate their ear for harmonies. The band is currently on tour throughout the U.S. and Europe in support of the release of their newest album. read more comments
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